Engineered to do One Job Perfectly

The GP 2000 grinder pump, the heart of the E/One Sewer System, provides wastewater storage, grinding, and pumping in a single unit. Translation: it lowers operating costs, the cost of waste collection, and reduces maintenance.

The E/One Sewer System grinder pump is engineered to one thing perfectly and in the process will help communities manage their growth and maintain quality of life.

How Does It Look from Where You Are?

Aesthetics are a major consideration for homeowners. The E/One Sewer System is virtually out of sight -- the only visible part is a low-profile cover that blends seamlessly into the environment but provides easy access for servicing operations.

A Sense of Site.

Multi-branch E/One Sewer Systems serve the entire community and give engineers, developers, community planners, and homeowners the freedom to sewer anywhere, on any kind of site.

The Price is Right.

E/One can solve sewering problems and replace failing septic systems at approximately half the cost of conventional gravity sewers. E/One Sewer Systems sharply reduce both front-end costs and ongoing maintenance costs.

The High Cost of Septic Systems.

While septic systems may be a common way of disposing of residential sanitary waste, they are, at best, a temporary solution and come at a high cost to public health. All over America, septic systems have degraded ground and recreational water, creating serious safety problems. Because of failing septic systems, water is not safe to drink. Children are not free to play near contaminated lakes and streams. Outbreaks of waterborne disease become common. Quality of life is eroded. In addition, failing septic systems decrease real estate values. E/One Sewer Systems can go wherever septic systems were initially used, reclaiming water quality and quality of life while providing an efficient, cost-effective solution to wastewater disposal and treatment. In fact, communities retrofitting with E/One Sewer systems have reported dramatic improvements in coliform levels in as little as 30 days after installation.