Riverview Landing

An elegant country estate community in upstate New York.

The Land

Developing this spectacular 160-acre site overlooking the historic Mohawk River was cost-prohibitive for a conventional gravity system.

The Problem

• Steep, rocky terrain
• Dense clay soil mixed with weathered shale

The Solution

• E/One Sewer System using 1 1/2 inch PVC piping
• Three-inch street mains at a depth of only 5 feet

E/One Sewers saved more than $100,000, cutting up-front costs by more than 50%.

Riverview Landing Today

An Elegant Country Estate Community

• 42 estate homes
• Price range: $400,000 to $1,000,000
• Two- to four-acre lots
• Golf course, fish ponds, tennis courts & boat slips on the Mohawk

We saved more than $100,000 ...

"We had to provide an on-site sewage disposal solution. There were no public sewers available. E/One's low pressure sewer system was the only economical and feasible way to go. In doing so we saved over $100,000."

—  Michael Mastropietro
Consulting Engineer
Riverview Landing